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We offer puppy layaway!!!

We also buy puppies!!! 
Your happiness is our reward
Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for. Our goal is to make all of our customers happy. 

At The Pet Palace, we really care about the animals we sell, and we’d like to share our most important services and products with you. We're the last of our kind. One of the last true, old fashioned pet stores around! Here at The Pet Palace, you can walk right in, pet and socialize with the puppies! Our puppies are worked with so they're always friendly! We take the time to talk to you and get to know you so we can try and place you with a puppy that best suits your needs! Our puppies are NOT locked in crates or cages by themselves, we have specially designed pins to house up to three small puppies, so they're never alone! When you walk in there is almost always a puppy running around the store to meet and greet the customers! 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!